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We are a fast-growing subsidiary of NTQ Solution JSC. - one of the leading ICT companies in Vietnam and has over 9+ years of experience in eCommerce platforms development and consultancy. We are confident in delivering the most comprehensive eCommerce solutions to be tailored for all-size businesses.



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Expertise Working Procedure

We deliver customer satisfaction with our professional working process, expertise, and powerful competencies in eCommerce development to ensure your project is implemented and delivered on the right schedule.

Initial Project Validation

Within a day, we analyze your business and project scope, determine feasibility and give initial feedback to the client.

Deep Understanding & Proposal

1-3 days of in-depth analysis of your eCommerce strategy and a detailed proposal to offer you the best digital solutions.

Design & Development

Depending on the project scope and deadline, our expert team will dedicate 1-10 weeks for the first milestone development.

User Acceptance Testing

1-2 weeks for testing and validating your product qualities and functionalities.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Our team is here to assist you during the post-launch period and provide 1-12 months of ongoing support and maintenance.

Looking For A Shopify Plus Agency?

We are an experienced eCommerce agency partnering with ambitious brands to design, develop & optimize outstanding Shopify & Shopify Plus websites, which bring the most effective and tailored solutions for your eCommerce growth. We help brands decide on the best approach, design, and technology.

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