Super Effects - Holiday Boost

Super Effects offers 70+ holiday-themed effects to boost sales, increase traffic, and keep your store updated year-round with no complicated edits.

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Key features

Here are the key features of Super Effects in detail:


Interactive Seasonal and Holiday Effects

Super Effects offers a variety of interactive, holiday-related, and season-based effects, ornaments, animations, and decorations to enhance your campaigns.


Boost Traffic and Sales

Store owners can apply one effect at a time to see a significant increase in traffic and sales without the need for complicated theme editing.


Easy Preview and Application

Users can preview effects directly on their store, making it easy to choose the right effect with simple manipulation.


Flexible Page Application

Effects are compatible with your store's interface and can be applied to all pages, the home page, or specific pages, ensuring your store stays updated for all occasions.

Super Effects- Holiday Boost

The Super effects are ready for your campaigns!!! Super Effects provides various interactive season-based, holiday-related effects, ornaments, animations, and decorations. Only one effect can be applied at once. Store owners will see a sharp boost in traffic and sales. No need for complicated editing on the theme, online stores can still stay up-to-date on all occasions of the year.

  • Preview the effect on your store
  • Easy-to-use with simple manipulation
  • Search for your favorite effects by tags
  • Compatible with your store's interface, regardless of whether your customers use
  • Choose all pages or home page or a specific page to apply the effect-MAGIC Plan
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The Perfect Plan for Your Needs


  • 26 beautiful effects


  • 70+ eye-catching effects
  • Search by effect name and description
  • Make a timer
  • Set up effect duration
  • Choose a specific page to apply effect

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Super Effects do?

Super Effects is developed as a tool to help you add effects to your Shopify store. You can choose from our library interactive or static effects, season-based, holiday-related ornaments, then add to the store or any page that you want if you use Magic Plan. Hence, you will see a boost in traffic and even be able to insert some holiday keywords that you know customers will search for.

How can I start using Super Effects / start applying an effect?

It’s a piece of cake. On the Super Effects application screen, filter effects by existing tags, such as “weather” or “season”. When you find the effect you wish for, click on the Play button on the top right corner of the effect. That’s all, your store just had a new look now.

Does an effect slow down my site?

Definitely not. Super Effects is a super easy application that does not affect your store at all. If you have problems with the Internet speed, try checking your connection again, or reloading the web page.

Can I configure the effect / choose the page I want to add effect on?

Yes. You can configure effects, such as choosing all pages, some pages or one specific page only of your store to add effect on. This feature will be available in Magic Plan.

What if I cannot find my favorite effect?

We have a Feedback box right within the app interface. Tell us about your effect idea and we will consider making it for you.

How can I apply another effect?

There are a ton of effects to suit each occasion of the year, and they are specially designed for your campaigns. We understand that visual change will catch the eyes of your customers. Changes are great, and we make it incredibly easy for you. Just click on the Play button of another effect, it will be applied to your store immediately.

How can I stop playing / disable an effect?

If you only use the effect on special occasions and want to turn it off at the end of your sales campaign, click on the Pause button on the app screen. The effect will be disabled.

Will my store be affected if I uninstall the application?

Super Effect works completely without compromising the information of your store. If you uninstall the application, your store will not be affected at all.

Can I make a timer to add effect?

Sure. We understand that it is advisable to proactively set timers to add effects to your store, especially on special occasions. Our application allows you to set a time for the effect to apply automatically when you purchase Magic Plan.

What if I have feedback/suggestions for the application?

Wonderful! Your feedback always helps us constantly improve our service. We really appreciate your contributions through feedback or suggestions.