23 Shopify apps that your shop should consider for 2021

23 Shopify apps that your shop should consider for 2021


Shopify store is a massive collection of apps to flourish shopping experience, upgrade the store and ultimately boost sales. Among thousands of apps on the store, we have picked 23 Shopify apps which are highly recommended as comprehensive and simple tools for 2021. They are both free and paid apps that can significantly improve your performance of your website in inventory control, delivery, marketing, checkout and report.

Top trending Shopify Apps for Analytics



1. Audiencefy - top customer segmentation and analytics app.png

Audiencefy is the perfect segmentation and detailed customer analytics for eCommerce that you must have in 2021 to grow your business. You will be presented with the data and insights of the apps and tools such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook, Mailchimp and more so timely adjustment or action will be taken for higher revenue.


Sensai Metrics

In addition to the remarkable insights and forecast, Sensai Metrics also offers budget allocation and metrics dashboards. On using this Shopify App, you can deeply understand the growth history and potential future development, you can optimize the finance source to assure the revenue output, comprehend the customer’s behaviors to improve conversion rate and set the meaningful strategy to reach your business target. Sensai Metrics is compatible with WooCommerce, Google AdWords, Facebook, Klaviyo and Shopify.


RevTap.ai - Store and Marketing Analytics


2. Powerful Shopify analytics app - RevTap.png

RevTap.ai brings you detailed reports and insights of customer, product, traffic, conversion, check out and revenue. You can define the products with good performance or low profit to drive the strategy appropriately. It can input your analytics and marketing data to a dashboard and then apply eCommerce intelligence to offer the best marketing strategy for the growth of your store.


Segment Analytics


4. Segment Analytics.png

Segment Analytics is an innovative marketing analytics and automation. The key features of Segment Analytics are automated customer segment, metrics and KPIs per segment, advanced insights, email service integration and funnel analytics.


Best Shopify apps for Finance and accounting

Data Export Reports


5. Data Export Reports.png

Experienced in thousand reports for Shopify merchants, Data Export Reports is the most powerful app on the Shopify store. This app can export Sales Reports, Tax Reports, POS Reports, Shopify payout reports, Discount Reports and more. The report can be exported to Google Sheet formats, Excel or CSV as your wish.


Super Reports

Super Reports enables you to closely track inventory, affiliates, channels and sales. There are over 30 built-in reports that you can select and customize to match your store. You can export data into a table, matrix, line chart or bar chart by email, CVS or Google Sheet with scheduled time.


PDF Invoice: Order Printer+


7. PDF Invoice Order Printer+.png

A very supportive Shopify app for billing stuff. This app offers four pre-made templates: order, shipping labels, refund and invoice with beautiful layouts. Fortunately, this app can support up to 70 languages, so despite the geography, PDF Invoice can work efficiently for your e-commerce growth.


Shopify apps for decorations

Super Watermarks – Badges


8. Super Watermarks - Badges Best decoration for Shopify store.png

You can select from about 2,000 templates of badges offering badges, watermarks and stickers for all festivals like Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving or Boxing Day to effectively promote your marketing program. There are three plans to choose from: FREE Plan which won’t cost you any penny, the basic plan and pro plan that can decorate more products are reasonably affordable. This app will be updated every two weeks to secure that your store will never go out-of-fashion.


Sticky Add to Cart BOOSTER PRO

This app principally pins a floating bar of Add to Cart and Buy button in order that the customers can add the items to the cart to check out at any time. The highlight of this app is that you can customize the themes as seasons; it offers Halloween, Christmas/Snow and Valentine’s Day themes.


Vimeo Create


10. Video Create – Video Maker.png

This is ultimately the perfect tool to create wonderful videos and add to your Shopify store. You can introduce a new collection, new product arrivals, brand or a special program to engage more audiences. The premium merchants can also add logo, text or anything on their video to promote the brand value and increase traffic. More importantly, this app is free, even if you do not upgrade, the basic features of Vimeo can totally satisfy your demands.


Shopify apps for customer support

WhatsApp Chat + Messenger Chat

Communication with audiences and customers is critical to converting into sales, so the top-notch efficacious chat app is recommended firstly in this customer support category to build organic relationships with customers. It can connect with the famous chat platforms like Facebook Messenger chat, Instagram Messenger chat, Line chat, WhatsApp chat as well as the particular chat app like VK Chat which is used by the Russian.


Tidio Live Chat


12. Tidio Live Chat.png

Tidio Live Chat majors in live chat, Bots and Marketing Automation. You can directly chat with the audiences, respond to their questions and wipe out their concerns even if your human resource is not available 24/7. Tidio also offers Abandoned Cart Bot to track the cart, find out the reason for abandonment and offer discounts for particular cases.


AfterShip Returns Center

This app works for product return management for both Shopify and Shopify Plus stores. AfterShip allows customers to fill a return-form, send an email to send their returns requests. Three solutions are offered in AfterShip: refund, store credit and exchange. What’s more, prepaid shipping labels are an excellent way to improve the customer experience, they can print out the labels and stick them to the box, it is pretty simple to return with AfterShip!


Inventory and delivery tracking

Stock Sync


14. Stock Sync.png

Stock Sync is effective to control stores with various suppliers and update inventory status. You don’t have to worry about the out-of-stock situation which might destroy the relationship between your store and customers any longer. Stock Sync can export your products to other eCommerce channels like Walmart, Amazon Warehouse, Shopify and Wayfair to widen profit margin.


ParcelPanel Order Tracking Pro

The app allows merchants and customers to track graphical status of the items. Parcel Panel integrates with around 500 of major carriers like FedEx, DHL, AliExpress, USPS and Packet China EMS. Especially, you can also check the delivery status of the carriers which are not even integrated with Shopify. There are four levels to suit your business scale: free, growth, advance and platinum.


Tracking More – Order Tracking


16. Demo of TrackingMore – Order Tracking.png


Other options of tracking apps available on Shopify store. Not only tracking item delivery, you can also customize and set notification of the delivery changes sent to you customers. Tracking More supports around 700 carriers including famous carriers such as UPS, FedEx and AliExpress.


Shopify app for SEOs & Marketing

SMSBump SMS +MMS Marketing

Being recommended by thousands of merchants, SMSBump is such an impressive SMS marketing and automation app. You can generate SMS or MMS flows, run and monitor their performance. The app allows you to decorate and amuse your text with Emojis or GIPHY. The close integration with ReCart, Klaviyo, Privy and PushOwl assures that you can keep


Facebook Channel


18. Facebook Channel.jpg

It is undeniable that Facebook has critical impacts on the e-commerce business. Using Facebook Channel gives you a chance to sell across Facebook and Instagram. The app will sync products of your Shopify store with the Facebook catalog, by which you can showcase all info of the product for marketing program execution. You are able to run free/paid advertisements to attract more Facebook audiences with Facebook Channel.


AVADA SEO Image Optimizer FREE

AVADA SEO enables merchants to fasten loading speed, enhance website ranking, improve website images and contents on Google index. You can optimize product pages, collection pages and blog posts by adding ALT tags to images and verify your Shopify store with Bing, Pinterest or Google Search Console.


Privy – Pop Ups, Email & SMS


20. Privy – Pop Ups, Email _ SMS.jpg

Privy is the utmost premium Shopify theme to convert website audience into customers. You can make a list of customer’s emails, automate email and SMS marketing about welcome messages, cart reminders and newsletters. Privy integrates with Klaviyo, Bronto, Retention Rocket and Mailchimp, so you can optimize your marketing campaign in all channels.



Homebase – the best choice for internal management

Homebase can assist you with HR work. You can track overtime, breaks and streamline for employees, form and share the work schedule with staff and also evaluate their performance. Homebase additionally allows you to supervise and track any devices from anywhere.


Fast Checkout in One Click


22. Fast Checkout in One Click.png

Fast Checkout helps you to smoothly and rapidly close a sale. The app omits the cart page and jumps directly to the checkout page so there will be less abandoned carts. Installing and running Fast Checkout is pretty simple, you need no IT base to do that. Typically, the app is compatible to all Shopify themes and friendly to all mobile platforms.


Judge.me Product Reviews

This app is to collect and showcase testimonials including text, photo and video. You can collect and display reviews and rate of your offerings and your store to prove that time in front of the screen of your customers is worthy. The review from AliExpress, Facebook Messenger Bot and others will be pushed to Facebook and Twitter to improve conversion.


Shopify is one of the valuable e-commerce platforms to sell online. A harmonious combination between Shopify themes and apps can efficiently operate your website and create further opportunities to increase sales values. And we hope that you can pick the most appropriate app after this article!


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