5 Design Tactics To Make Your Shopify Store Greater

5 Design Tactics To Make Your Shopify Store Greater

What makes Shopify stand out amongst other e-commerce websites? It’s “the convenience”. If you’re looking for a platform that doesn’t require any technical details and instead lets you pay attention to business management, don’t hesitate to choose Shopify.

It’s super easy to do everything in Shopify, even designing a website. Here are five design tactics that everyone can apply without difficulties!

Tip 1: Select The Best Theme

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the theme is the backbone of a website, as it will directly influence the atmosphere and feeling of the site. Therefore, this should be your priority when building up an online store.

You might be first overwhelmed with theme stores in Shopify: There are tons of themes with their own styles and charges (normally ranging from $140 - $180). The decision should be made based on how much you have for site design, what features you desire, and how you want the products to be displayed.

1. Shopify Themes.png

If you still feel confused, check out thisthis, and this to find out the best theme for your online store.

Tip 2: Avoid Cognitive Overload

“Cognitive overload” refers to the fact that there is too much information to notice. Try to differentiate the want-to-haves and must-haves, remove unnecessary parts, and visitors will know where to go when browsing your site.

For example, it might sound good to show the history of products, but this should be applied for specialized products only (bestsellers or promotional products). You can also have a look at how the homepage of Caravan Coffee Roasters looks - no clutter, no cognitive overload, with only four options to choose from:

2. Homepage of Caravan Coffee Roasters.png

Tip 3: Improve Page Load Time

Why is load time important? A study shows that for each second your page needs to load, page views are reduced by 11% and conversions by 7%. Slow pages make visitors annoyed, not to mention the fact that faster sites usually get better rankings on search engines.

While it’s true that load time is affected by many factors, you can still employ some techniques to reduce it, such as compressing the photos, removing redundant apps, utilizing AMP, or looking for some professionals. Shopify’s Happiness Abscissa uses manageable-size photos, so their page’s load time works better compared to other counterparts. 

3. Homepage of  Happiness Abscissa.png

Tip 4: Make Your Own Color

Some people say that Shopify lacks diversity, and hundreds of stores look alike because they share the same template site-builder. However, everything will change if you understand the system and make your color with the following three areas:

  • Site photography: Photography creates strong impressions, and sometimes reflects your personality more than the general theme. For example, plain dark backgrounds make the site more traditional, while colorful photos add a strong flavor to the store.

  • Copy: Brands for the youth normally have casual lingo (and even emojis), while formal language is more used by prestige and long-lasted brands. You can show your copy tone everywhere on the page, not limited to the Home and About pages only.

  • Themes settings: Most themes let you customize the settings, and you can make use of this to express your personality. You can upload the logos, change the typography, or even decide how to present social media buttons. Quite great, isn't it?

4. Homepage of WaterAid.png

With adorable cartoons and lively texts, WaterAid shows that they are a friendly and playful brand

Tip 5: Super Effects - Cover Your Store With Super Lively Effects

With the slogan “The next level of boosting holiday sales with effects”, the app can help your store stand out from the crowd and get more sales all year round. Just one click and Super Effects will evoke a festive mood to your online store, making the site more visually appealing during joyful holidays.

5. Super Effects.gif

Super Effects ranks well among other store design apps and receives a score of 4.7/5.0 with uncountable positive feedback. It offers most of the holiday-related effects, and still creates more to satisfy the demands of customers!

For installation, please click on this link. We are happy to serve you and always available to listen to any problems, suggestions, or feedback.

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