5 tips to make your customers buy more this holiday season

5 tips to make your customers buy more this holiday season

E-commerce websites are no longer just an ordering place. It goes beyond that. Since 2018, many customers have expected a website which not only sells goods but also helps them to research and look for ideas and gift products.

To fulfill this requirement, we have come up with five effective solutions. Check it below!

Applying propaganda marketing

To make it simple, propaganda marketing means you have your existing consumers discuss your company and your goods. A majority of shoppers have trust in reviews from the previous ones, so obtaining old customers’ favor will surely assist your brand a lot.

If you consider this method, it is highly recommended to make use of social media, especially Facebook – an app that almost everyone uses currently. Other chatbot applications are worth considering as well.

Ensuring that your website is ready to be used

There is no longer a picture in which people queue up in a line on special sale occasions. 2019 witnessed an increase of 42% customers buying online during Black Friday, and 58 million behaved the same on Cyber Monday. In that situation, your website being slow or not loading will make shoppers move to the website of your competitors immediately.

Therefore, bear in mind to continually conduct stress checking, update software and hardware, and test security certificate. This is one of the most essential things you could do to boost e-commerce sales.

Adding contents related to holiday

Buyers tend to appreciate companies that spend time on creating holiday-themed content. For example, a theme related to Black Friday increases sales up to 33% in conversion rate, when comparing SMS massage. There is no reason to miss this creative solution!

You can make present guidance, decorating tips, or just simply provide some information about the holiday origin. Post some blogs about these things and the traffic of your website would be enhanced a lot.

Last but not least, many people plan their gifts long before the holiday. So create these contents as soon as possible, it will be your enormous advantage!

Giving priority to mobile users

Mobile phones are now a must for everyone. Optimizing your mobile website means making it simple, using-friendly, and not too difficult to navigate.

You can get access to the website on your mobile phone and have a brief overview. By this way, you will understand the demand of a customer more thoroughly.

Some tips that might be useful for your mobile website are:

  • Synchronizing branding elements such as the website
  • Cutting down on the unimportant text
  • Avoiding pop-ups
  • Making a full-size option
  • Zooming in the search bar so that people can find your website easily.


Who can decline a personalized gift? By making a personalized offer, you have made the chance of buyers replying to your message four times higher than the traditional marketing method. Helping your customers gain a more pleasing experience in some ways, such as:

  • Personal present guidance
  • A discount or free shipping
  • Grateful attitude to your loyal buyers


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