9 Premium Themes You Should Try for Your Shopify Store

9 Premium Themes You Should Try for Your Shopify Store


Premium themes seem not to be attractive at first as there are tons of free Shopify themes out there to use. However, take a closer look and you will see there are many aspects that only premium themes can offer - for example, better loading times, a greater SEO potential and a higher conversion rate.

Today, we would like to give you a list of nine premium themes you should try for the Shopify store. Check it below!

1. Boost

1. Boost.png

Known as one of the fastest loading themes on Shopify, Boost can not only bring about a high rank on Google but also improve revenue for your online store. In addition to that, there also exists image hot-spotting for users to build a link from a blog’s image to the product page; and custom promotional tiles to promote best-sellers or products which are on discount. Boost allows you to connect your site with the social media account as well, so it’s just a matter of time for your customer engagement to be radically improved.

2. Blockshop 

2. Blockshop.png

With four aesthetically pleasing styles, Blockshop offers a basic website design so that you can customize further, such as changing the colors, adding texts, inserting images and videos, and so on…You can add new slides as well and then put them on whatever page you like - in Blockshop, you’re free to do lots of things on your own!

There are also amazing blogging features on the theme, not to mention a wide layout and an excellent multi-column menu that makes it easier for customers to navigate across the site. 

3. Galleria

3. Galleria.png

Galleria is a full package if you want to build a website including lots of features. You can add recommended products or quick view options to product pages, or just simply add an FAQ page that will answer regular customer questions.

Galleria also lets you add lots of high-resolution images to the product description page. If you want to upgrade the website design, try out an additional lookbook effect on the theme - you’ll be surprised at how useful it is to your store’s revenues!

4. Shoptimized

4. Shoptimized.png

According to the developer, this theme can help you save $2000 on an app subscription! In addition to that, Shoptimized works well on any device and provides a loading time of just around one second or above. 

With the help of scarcity (stock counters) and urgency (countdown timers) options, Shopimized can easily turn visitors into customers for your online store. It’s also possible to sell globally with currency switcher options and Geo-IP functions on the theme.

5. Beyond

5. Beyond.png

Beyond can turn your website into a selling powerhouse and is a good choice no matter what niche you’re selling. Similar to the four themes mentioned above, Beyond lets you customize the website’s design easily with mages, colors, and text.

You can also add videos to the site and add promotional products to the collection pages. The theme is outstanding thanks to predictive search - the feature that normally exists in apps only. With predictive search, customers can find products without difficulties and therefore considerably increase cart values for your online store.

6. Booster

6. Booster.png

With all the functions available, Booster helps you save $3000 and more on subscription apps! It is highly responsive and makes your site load faster on any device in just 0.6 seconds - a huge number when compared to the 8-to-11-second loading time of other websites.

Booster includes many features to help you sell like popup builders, social proof, live chat functionality, countdown timers, and call-to-action buttons...

7. Artisan

7. Artisan.png

Artisan could be applied for any kind of niches and provides users with three perfect styles. You can customize the site with an impressive masonry-style layout, not to mention a testimonial section that assists you to build trust with visitors out there.

There are numerous additional features to engage audiences, such as using pricing tables (especially for the service industry) or linking the Instagram account with your site’s feed. Artisan also guarantees to optimize the site for search engines and mobile devices - quite convenient, isn’t it?

8. Story

8. Story.png

As the name suggests, this theme tops into storytelling and also lets you show your team on a team page or add bespoke contact forms to connect with customers. It is optimized for all kinds of devices, from desktops and laptops to mobiles, tablets, or more…

With Story, customers can enjoy a better and more exhilarating shopping experience. After you add a filter option to the collection pages, customers can restrict the number of products shown on the page by price, color, or brand...

9. Lofta The loft

9. Loft.png

Like Story, Loft is also a powerful tool for storytelling. You can add emotional reasons into the story or showcase the history of your products, and then embed it within product pages.

Loft is a perfect choice for merchants with large catalogs - it allows you to use the best images, or promote discount products on the homepage of the website. There are wonderful navigational options for your site as well. Give this theme a try and you will feel completely satisfied, we promise. 


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