How to prepare your Shopify store when the holiday shopping season is coming?

How to prepare your Shopify store when the holiday shopping season is coming?

According to CNBC, 53% of Christmas shopping in 2019 will be done digitally, and e-commerce companies are preparing to handle the increased traffic. Merchants are using clever strategies to entice customers to spend more time in their stores and persuade them to make a purchase. You've come to the correct place if you're wanting to make your store more holiday-friendly.

We'll look at shop design and conversion optimization, two of the most significant aspects of store optimization.

1. Make your Holiday offers the center of attention

Ensure that your deals are prominently displayed on your website during any holiday season. Make sure customers can simply remember or copy the discount code so they can use it at checkout. As previously discussed, you may make your deals more visible by making design adjustments to your business. Many Shopify companies advertise their greatest deals in the announcement bar or on stickers attached to their items.

1. Christmas Decoration for your Shopify store.jpg

Christmas Decoration for your Shopify store

You should also make sure that your present customers, subscribers, and future visitors are aware of the current deals on your Shopify site. To attract interested buyers to your store, send out a sale announcement by email, Facebook Messenger, SMS, or other chosen marketing methods.

2. Bar for announcements

Don't forget to update your announcement bar and the wording within it while improving your store design. Within the announcement bar, promote your Christmas collection or inform customers about your free gift wrapping offer for the holidays.

2. Supper Effects – Best app for bar announcement.png

Supper Effects – Best app for bar announcement

Don't forget to match the color of the announcement bar to the rest of your store's holiday motif. Super Effects is the great Shopify software that allows merchants to set up and configure not only announcement bars and also thousands of stickers, effects and badges on their site.

3. Gift wrapping and handwritten notes are available

Because of the personalized experience that smaller online companies give, people prefer to purchase from them over huge e-commerce sites like Amazon. Providing gift wrapping choices on your website is one way to give this personalized experience. Allow customers to pick from a choice of wrapping papers to give them additional options for how their presents are wrapped.

You could also allow customers to include a letter with their order and advertise this special offer across your business over the holiday sales season. Everyone enjoys receiving handwritten letters, especially when it comes to gifts. You may either hand write the notes or use a Shopify app like IgnitePost to automate the process.

3. IgnitePost to send Notes and Cards.jpg

IgnitePost to send Notes and Cards

4. Segment your target to deliver promotions that are very relevant to them

Every store has a diverse range of customers, including men and women of all genders, ages, and hobbies. As a result, sending the identical campaign to every type of customer is pointless. You may effectively encourage them to shop from you by segmenting your audience and sending them extremely precise promos that appeal to their interests. Set up automatic emails to be sent to customers when specific circumstances are met.

Spently is one of the top Shopify email marketing solutions available. The program may be used to create very targeted emails. You can, for example, send your customers emails with things they were exploring or emails with products that suit the customer's prior orders.

4. Spently – Sales Booster.png

Spently – Sales Booster

5. Provide assistance to customers in order to persuade them to make a purchase.

With increased site traffic, it's more critical than ever to engage and support every buyer who needs assistance. Allow live chat on your store with Shopify tools like Tidio Live Chat, and create an automatic message for customers to see, asking whether they need assistance with your size guide or choosing the perfect product.

5. Tidio Live Chat.jpg

Tidio Live Chat

With a live chat, your customers may rapidly obtain answers to their questions and make well-informed purchasing decisions. According to one survey, 63% of customers who utilized live chat on a website were more inclined to return. This is because, because of their promptness and correctness, live chats have a 92 percent customer satisfaction score.

6. Make sure your search is accurate

You can make your store more search-friendly by making sure that all of your product names and descriptions are optimized, citing all of the product's details so that customers can easily search for and locate the item. Use keywords like "watch" or "dress" to define the product category. Setting up your collections in an organized manner so that buyers can explore by product category is another strategy to maximize search on your site.

7. Allow wish listing to retain shoppers

Wish lists allow shoppers to keep track of the product they are interested in. Wish lists are a great way to ensure you can turn visitors into customers and get repeat purchases out of existing customers. Use apps like Wish List Plus to set up wish listings in your store and make it easier for shoppers to access the items they have their eye on.

6. Wishlist Plus.jpg

Wishlist Plus

During this holiday season sale, you can set up emails, SMS or web push notifications to be sent to shoppers about the products they want, nudging them to shop before stocks run out. Or, you can inform them about the slashed prices so that they purchase their wish-listed items faster.

Final words: You may send buyers emails, SMS, or online push alerts about the things they desire during this holiday season sale, encouraging them to shop before stocks run out. Alternatively, you might advise them of the reduced pricing so that they can purchase their wish list products more quickly.

We hope that these Shopify shop optimization recommendations will assist you in getting ready for the holiday season and increasing site visitors and income. Have a wonderful sales season!

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