How to export reports from Shopify stores?

How to export reports from Shopify stores?


Every business, whether it's an eCommerce store, a specialized blog, a portfolio website, or a company's official website, needs reports. We can help you better grasp the report components that matter for your Shopify store performance. Super Reports – Auto Export offers you a quick, exact and comprehensive glimpse into the most important elements of your Shopify store: revenue, orders, customers, or even shipping. Here are some highlight features that definitely define Super Reports as the top choice of Shopify report. 

* Customized report

1. Filter your own report “ingredient”.png

Filter your own report “ingredient”

You can also edit the reports by adding or removing metrics, dimensions, and filters to best suit your needs. You can filter your report by dimension (channel, date, payment or POS, etc.), or measure (gross sales, tax, shipping, total customs or discounts). More filters such as customer, products, fulfillment, or traffic are available for more focus reports. For example, if an order contains multiple products, each product appears as a different sale or return in the report. The same can be said regarding shipping costs. When you click on an order number, the details of that order become available.

Finance reports

2. Comprehensive finance reports from Super Reports.png

Comprehensive finance reports from Super Reports

Super Reports – Auto Export contains information on your sales, payments, discount, inventory values and gross sales. It keeps track of your sales, returns and payment, as well as the taxes you must pay, to make bookkeeping easier for you. With this Shopify report app, you can choose the timeframe that interests you and get the data for that month or quarter in a spreadsheet or printed for accounting purposes. E.g: Net sale – Super Reports exports a net sale report which is calculated by multiplying the price of each product unit by the total number of units sold, then removing discounts and returns; it may then be compared to, for example, the preceding 90-day period's net sales figure. 

Traffic report

3. Variety of Reports on Super Reports.png

Variety of Reports on Super Reports

It's critical to understand where your visitors are coming from so you can better target new consumers. In terms of the number of sessions over time, this is an important metric to consider when evaluating your eCommerce store's overall performance: do you have enough visitors? Are you up to date on industry standards? Is there anything you can do to increase the number of visitors to your site? This task will become less complicated with Super Reports. This app will enable you to locate exactly where your marketing plan is and how it helps to convert sales and order quantity. 

Customer report

This is an important indicator to track since you can only add value to your consumers if you know how much they appreciate you. Focusing on client value and loyalty rather than sales efforts and ongoing customer acquisition can pay off more in the long run. Super Reports enables you to track the customer’s behavior, locations, and loyalty in a long run. For instance, Super Reports will report to you the customers who made their first purchase from your store (first-time customers) versus those who had previously made at least one buy (Return customer).

4. Track your Shopify performance with Super Reports.png

Track your Shopify performance with Super Reports

Furthermore, the Super Reports app allows users to compare data and identify patterns all in one place. By setting the monthly, daily or hourly report export you can make a comparison between sales by times. You may also see the number of sales made in each of your point-of-sale locations, as well as the number of sales handled by each member of your staff if you have them.

Different Shopify apps and platforms have different functionalities and different sorts of reporting, however, with Super Reports – Auto Export – an efficient reporting tool for any e-commerce merchant, you can have a complete report for all indicators of your Shopify store. 

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