Super Reports has appeared in top trending for the third time

Super Reports has appeared in top trending for the third time


Super Reports was released by 2B/IO in September 2020 with the desire to help simplify the tracking of important store metrics, automatically generate and export reports. Although it was launched after other reporting applications, our app still received great reception and support from customers. Proof of that is that Super Reports has three times reached the top of the trending apps on the Shopify app store.

Why do users choose our Super Reports app?

Before developing the app, we did a lot of research on the e-commerce business on Shopify platform and we realized how important it is to create and track reports on these key metrics of the store. However, many salespeople, especially those just starting out in business, either doesn't know how to generate the right reports or spend a lot of time and effort doing it. So we decided to develop the Super Reports app to simplify store tracking and management.

The main features of the application that follow the needs of Shopify sellers include:

  • The application currently has more than 50 important report templates for every store, specifically divided by important information fields such as: sales, orders, warehouses, taxes, transactions,... Depending on the regulations size and monitoring needs to select the appropriate report template.
1. reports template.png

  • Allows you to create custom reports, manually select the metrics that interest you, then save and use them.
  • The application can automatically export reports in many formats (csv, excel, pdf, google drive) and allows you to schedule automatic reports to your email. You can understand the situation of the store at any time, anywhere without sitting in front of the computer screen.
  • The app automatically syncs data from the store to the app, providing you with real-time information, which you can set up to receive an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly store notification email.
  • The application helps you capture information quickly to promptly make important decisions such as: adding hot-selling products, products that are out of stock, processing unpaid orders,...

Three times in the top of the trending applications of Super Reports

Only three months after launching the application, it has received a lot of attention and trust from users. Many customers after the installation and use process have sent us comments about the interface and features of the application. We always appreciate and listen to users' opinions to improve the application better and better. In December 2020, after the release of a new updated version, the app entered the top 3 trending apps on the Shopify app store.

2. SR - Trending - firts.png

After three months in March 2021, the app continued to appear in the top trending apps, creating great motivation for the development team to continue researching and improving the app. And the last time was this morning (August 30), the application continued to return to the rankings with an impressive position more than two times before. Super Reports ranked 2nd most popular apps.

3. SR trending 3nd.PNG

We are very happy to achieve this achievement, this is a small recognition for the efforts of the entire development team during the past time. We are happy that our application is well received and trusted by you. If you have any questions or want the application to have any new features, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at email

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