Super Report - The perfect selection to track and manage your store

Super Report - The perfect selection to track and manage your store


Keeping track of business performance metrics is always a difficult problem for Shopify sellers. If not resolved properly, this can take a lot of time and effort. An efficient reporting application is a perfect solution to this problem because it will monitor and manage your store automatically on your behalf.

Currently, on the Shopify App Store, there are many reporting applications from many different developers with many useful features. 2B's Super Reports app is one of them, let's explore it in the article below!

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Key features of Super Reports

Super Reports is an advanced Shopify reporting app that helps you keep track of your business metrics and packs all the important information into a compact email sent to you. With the below great features of the app, it's easy and simple to track and manage your store.

  • Track products and suppliers and sort by sales from top to bottom.
  • Keep track of orders and pending items
  • Track inventory levels and create additional alerts when inventory is running low.
  • Identify the products that make your store the most profitable / least profitable.
  • Schedule reports exporting to your email completely automatically.

Why should Shopify sellers use Super Reports?

The first is to make it easy for you to quickly grasp the key information that represents your business results with a simple design screen that has a comparison of time intervals.


Second, you can get hourly, daily, weekly and monthly reports due to your settings. You can track and grasp the important indicators even when at home, traveling, ... without having to sit in front of the computer screen.

Third, it helps you save a lot of time because the application can automatically synchronize stored data. Continuously updated and synthesized into concise, easy-to-understand reports for your convenience.

Finally, the app helps you quickly grasp market fluctuations, know which products are being sold best at the tracking time so you can make timely decisions such as: discount, import more goods, promote advertising, …

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The policies of the application

Super Reports is committed to the absolute security of all your store information, not using that information for any commercial purposes.

If there are any issues that need support then you can leave a message in the live chat support. It will then be answered by the app's customer care team.


The Super Reports application currently has 4 packages with different prices (see picture below for details). You can base on the size of the store and usage needs to choose a suitable package with the highest efficiency.


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