Super Reports is going to release a paid version

Super Reports is going to release a paid version


The Super Reports app is one of 2B's most passionate applications that aims to make it easier and more convenient for Shopify sellers on Shopify to track and manage their stores. After nearly 3 months of research and development, the Super Report App was launched in August 2020.

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The operation of creating reports and calculating key indicators of the store is relatively complicated and difficult to do because it is also related to the issues: tax, discount, discount,... Although We were very careful and referred to the information of many experts in finance, sales management,... we still think that the original application is incomplete and need to continuously update and develop new features. So during the first time of launching Super Reports, it was free for all customers to use for customers to experience and feedback with us about errors in calculation, about new features that you want to add to the application,...

Over the past 6 months, our development team has always listened to every customer feedback on the application then researched how to fix all the problems and add necessary features for users.

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Up to now, the Super Reports application is almost complete, no longer receive error feedback and has full of necessary features to help you monitor and manage your store continuously:

  • Automatically sync data from your store and show reports
  • Track best-selling products and vendors
  • Track orders and items pending fulfillment
  • Track inventory levels and generate restock alerts
  • Identify most / least profitable products
  • Filter sales data by products, business locations, customers, ...
  • Schedule report to export to your email or your google drive

To do that, the Super Reports application development team has spent a lot of time, effort and money during the 9 months since its inception. Currently, the application has become relatively complete, the interface is easy to use and brings many benefits for customers to use. So the application will release a paid version to compensate for the costs spent on application development. In addition, we will continue to listen to customer feedback and continuously update for better versions.

It is expected that the Super Reports application will give all customers 14 days to experience all the features of the application, then 4 plans with different prices and feature limits will apply.

  • Free - 0$
  • Basic - 9.9$
  • Advanced - 29.9$
  • Super - 49.9$

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You can base on the size of your store and the features that you find essential in managing your store to choose the right plan.

During use, if you have questions about the features or wish to add new features, you can contact our customer support team directly.

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