Super Reports ‑ Data Export

Super Reports offers customizable data reports and scheduled exports, with over 50 e-commerce report templates and access to 500 Shopify data fields, ensuring comprehensive store performance tracking and convenient automatic email delivery

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Key features

Below are the key features of Super Reports:


Scheduled Export Reports

Schedule reports to automatically export to email or your drive on an hourly, daily, or customized basis, ensuring timely access to crucial data.


Comprehensive Order Tracking

Track orders and pending items seamlessly, providing insights into order status and fulfillment progress.


Detailed Shipping and Tax Tracking

Monitor shipping rates and taxes comprehensively, from an overview to detailed insights into orders, facilitating efficient management of shipping-related costs.


Product and Supplier Performance Tracking

Track best-selling products and suppliers effectively, enabling informed decisions regarding inventory management and supplier relationships.


Sales Performance Analysis

Perform detailed tracking of sales by point of sale, by product, and more, empowering you to analyze sales performance thoroughly and identify areas for improvement.


Customizable Reporting

Create customized reports with desired metrics, leveraging access to 500 Shopify data fields, and schedule automatic email delivery for streamlined reporting processes.

Super Reports ‑ Data Export

The Super Reports application provides a convenient solution for tracking key metrics and managing store performance. The app offers over 50 essential e-commerce report templates and access to 500 fields of Shopify data, ensuring you don’t miss any valuable information. Additionally, the real-time automatic data synchronization feature allows you to create customized reports with your desired metrics and schedule automatic email delivery of the reports to yourself or your colleagues.

  • Schedule reports to automatically export to email or your drive hourly, daily,..
  • Tracking orders and pending items
  • Tracking shipping rates and taxes from overview to details of orders
  • Tracking best selling products and suppliers
  • Detailed tracking of sales by point of sale, by product,...
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The Perfect Plan for Your Needs


$ 10 /month
  • 7-day free trial
  • For stores currently on the Basic Shopify plan


$ 20 /month
  • 7-day free trial
  • For stores currently on the Shopify plan


$ 30 /month
  • 7-day free trial
  • For stores currently on the Advanced Shopify plan


$ 50 /month
  • 7-day free trial
  • For stores currently on the Shopify Plus plan

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Super Reports do?

Super Reports is an advanced Shopify report application that helps you track your business metrics and packages all the important information into a neat little email sent to you.

Super Reports saves your time by creating reports within some clicks and sets up schedules to automatically send the reports in pdf, excel, or csv to any email address.

The application provides real-time reports, or anytime you want as you select from the date range. The data is automatically updated according to the time zone of the store setting. All important metrics are packaged in a neat little email sent to you.

How long does it take for the app to retrieve data from the store?

How fast or slow data synchronization takes will depend on the number of products and orders in your store. The more products your store has, the longer the synchronization process will take. The average time it takes to get all the data is about 1 to 3 minutes. After the data synchronization process finishes, you can view and export the reports immediately.

Why are there reports available in the app, can I edit them?

We researched and produced about 15 of the most popular report templates that any Shopify salesman needs. We have sample reports of Sales, Inventory, Orders, Customers, ...

In the process of using, if you find that these report templates are incomplete, you can completely edit them by clicking on the Edit button in the right corner to add, remove or rearrange the indicators as you like.

If I uninstall the app when my account is still valid, can I get a refund?

About the financial policy, we are working directly with only one party Shopify and using the Shopify API to charge your recurring subscription. Therefore, we do not have the right to decide the Customer's requirement relating to financial policy. Please find more details about the API here. However, if you have any problems or inconveniences during your experience, please do not hesitate to contact us for support.

Can I create custom reports with my formulas?

Currently, the app does not have the feature to create custom reports using your formulas, but if you find the formulas useful and necessary or if those formulas are compulsory in your area, you can contact the support team and send them to us. We will review and consider adding them to the app.

Why in-app metrics are not the same as those found on Shopify's reporting page?

While viewing reports at the same time in the Super Reports app and Shopify's report page, you should pay special attention to choosing the same time range (if it is a report by product, choose the same product), then the figures will be the same.

If you have selected the correct product and time range but the displayed figures are still different, you can contact our customer support team for assistance.

Do I have to pay the fee of the app if I close my Shopify store temporarily?

When you close your Shopify store, your recurring charge for Super Reports will be frozen and you do not have to pay the fee until when you re-open the store, the recurring charge will be automatically unfrozen.

How do I contact for support?

Please use the Chat Box in the bottom right corner of the application or our support email address We usually respond within a few minutes during our business hours. Otherwise, you will be replied to within a business day.