2B store set up service can resolve Shopify licensed theme warning

Resolve Shopify Licensed Theme Warning with 2B Shopify Set up Store Service


If you use unlicensed themes beyond Shopify's allowances, you risk receiving a license warning from Shopify and negatively impacting your store's performance. This can be frustrating for store owners who want to customize the look and feel of their store. 2B is a Shopify partner specializing in setting up, migrating, and optimizing Shopify stores. 2B Shopify set up store service can resolve any outstanding theme license warnings on your store. 

Why Do You Get a Licensed Theme Warning from Shopify?

You may get warning when using Shopify unlicensed themes

You may get warning when using Shopify unlicensed themes

You may get a warning from Shopify regarding the licensed theme. Here’re some reasons that lead to this:

Shopify Detects Your Unlicensed Theme

Shopify unlicensed themes used to be sold at very low prices at several Shopify third-party service providers. Then, there are many unlicensed themes used on several Shopify stores. And today, Shopify has been able to detect unlicensed themes and may give Shopify store owners possible suspension of account and deletion of the themes. 

Additionally, Shopify detects that your theme is no longer fully licensed. Shopify continually monitors licensed themes to ensure they have not been modified beyond the allowances of the license. If Shopify detects significant changes to theme files or functionality, it will issue a warning.

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You Modified the Theme Beyond Shopify's Allowances

Shopify licensed themes typically allow for some customization, but once you modify over 20-30% of theme files or make extensive functionality changes, you exceed the license, and Shopify will issue a warning.

Adding Unauthorized Third-party Code

Legal Shopify third-party apps are allowed on the Shopify apps store. However, using unapproved third-party apps, plugins, or scripts within a licensed theme can violate the license terms and trigger a warning from Shopify.

What to Do If You Got Shopify Licensed Theme Warning?

How to resolve unlicensed theme warning from Shopify

How to resolve unlicensed theme warning from Shopify

With patience and a methodical approach, you can typically resolve a licensed theme warning and get your Shopify store back to full functionality. Typically, when you get a warning email from Shopify regarding a licensed theme warning, they will also provide you with possible methods to resolve the issues. 

Here are some steps you can take if you got a Shopify licensed theme warning:

  • Don't panic: Licensed theme warnings are common and can usually be resolved.
  • Determine the cause: Audit your theme and settings to identify what triggered the warning. Common causes are modifying too many files, deleting files, or adding unauthorized code.
  • Remove unauthorized changes: If you made any modifications that violate the theme license, remove or revert those changes. This may involve deleting custom code, restoring deleted files, or removing third-party apps.
  • Download a fresh copy of the theme: If you're unsure what caused the warning, the safest option is to download a fresh copy of the licensed themes from the Shopify theme store. This will overwrite your existing theme files and ensure you're fully licensed.
  • Update to the latest theme version: Make sure you have installed the newest available version of the theme. This resolves any compatibility issues that may be causing the warning.
  • Consider getting help from a professional: If you're still struggling to identify and resolve the root cause, a Shopify expert like 2B can thoroughly audit and tune up your theme and settings.
  • Avoid triggering another warning: Once the warning is resolved, focus on best practices to stay compliant going forward. This includes limiting the number of theme modifications, avoiding unauthorized code, and updating regularly.
  • Contact Shopify support if needed: As a last resort, contact Shopify support to see if they have any additional solutions. But try to resolve the warning yourself first before contacting them.

How to Avoid Shopify Licensed Theme Warning?

Using Shopify licensed themes is recommended

Using Shopify licensed themes is recommended

Just exercise caution anytime you modify the theme, and always test changes thoroughly before deploying. Here are some tips to avoid getting Shopify licensed theme warnings:

  • Limit theme customizations: Only modify theme files that you absolutely need to. Stay below the 20-30% threshold as much as possible.
  • Avoid deleting theme files: Never delete theme files, even if they seem unnecessary. Shopify could detect the missing files as a violation.
  • Don't add unauthorized code: Only use third-party apps, scripts, and plugins that are officially approved by Shopify for that theme.
  • Update to the latest theme version: Whenever a new theme version is released, install the update right away. This resolves compatibility issues that could trigger a warning.
  • Test all changes thoroughly: Any time you make a change to the theme, test everything to ensure it's still working properly and won't cause a violation.
  • Use a professional theme developer: Have a Shopify expert audit your theme and make any necessary changes. They know how to optimize the theme within license restrictions.
  • Ask Shopify support for guidance: If you're unsure if a specific change will violate the terms, contact Shopify support for confirmation before proceeding.
  • Avoid heavily modified themes: Don't purchase themes from third parties that have already been substantially altered. Shopify could detect the modifications as a violation.
  • Backup your theme frequently: Make regular backups of your unmodified theme files so you can revert to a fully licensed state if needed. You can easily back up your Shopify themes with applications
  • Stay up to date on Shopify's policies: Follow Shopify's blog and announcements to ensure you're aware of any changes to their licensed theme policies and restrictions. For theme, you can follow the Terms of Services at Section 9

Bonus Tips: Using 2B Shopify Set up Store Services for 100% Shopify Licensed Themes

Choose 2B set up store service to ensure full Shopify licensed themes

Choose 2B set up store service to ensure full Shopify licensed themes

2B is a professional Shopify partner agency specializing in setting up and optimizing Shopify stores. They have extensive experience resolving Shopify licensed theme warnings and returning themes to full compliance. As part of 2B setup store services, they thoroughly audits customers' existing themes to identify the root cause of any license violations.

Their approach ensures customers have 100% fully licensed themes after the setup is complete. This involves:

  • Removing any unauthorized custom code that was triggering the warning.
  • Restoring any deleted theme files to match Shopify's original version.
  • Downloading a fresh copy of the unmodified theme from the Shopify theme store.
  • Overwriting customers' existing modified theme files with the compliant version.

2B understands the importance of preserving the look and feel of customers' stores while also staying fully licensed. So after resolving the warning, they make targeted, compliant changes within the setup to replicate as many of customers' original customizations as possible. This allows customers to preserve their desired store aesthetic and branding while gaining the performance benefits of a licensed theme and building a Shopify store.

Final Words

By taking a thoughtful, careful approach and leveraging their extensive Shopify development experience, 2B expert is able to resolve Shopify licensed theme warnings and set up stores with 100% fully licensed themes that comply with Shopify's policies. Their audit process and compliance expertise help customers avoid future licensed theme issues so they can focus on growing their businesses.

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