To-Do-List of Every Shopify Merchants During New Year Holiday

To-Do-List of Every Shopify Merchants During New Year Holiday


It’s no exaggeration to say that New Year Holiday is the most profitable shopping season when Shopify merchants earned 5.1 billion USD in sales last year. 

To get your business prepared for this wonderful time, check out the article below! Here we will give you four things every shop owner should do to earn more money during the new year.

Number 1: Make Your Customers Happy

First of all, you can use chat tools (like Shopify Inbox) so that customers can get access to your business the most easily and conveniently.

1. Chat Tools Gives Customers Better Access.png

With the allowance to add chat to the online store, Shopify Inbox helps customers send shop owners messages while they’re shopping. Moreover, the tool also receives messages from other platforms such as Apple Business Chat, Facebook, Messenger, leading to the fact that all of your conversations will be organized neatly in one place. Quite convenient, isn’t it? 

If you’re more concerned about a marketing campaign in which you can tell customers about new products and upcoming sales events, just pick Shopify Email! You can also try setting up a personalized discount for existing customers as a reward for their loyalty, then add the discount into your Shopify emails. 

2. Shopify Emails Rewards Loyal Customers.png

The third way to delight customers is to cover your website with holiday season themes, which has never been easier with our app Shopify EffectsCheck out this article for a detailed app manual and give it a try - we promise it won’t disappoint you!

3. Super Effects.png

Number 2: Understand the Power of Data

Data is much more valuable than you can imagine, especially the available data in your Shopify admin. 

4. Reports Section in Shopify Admin.png

Its Product Analytics shows you what is your best-selling and where they’re purchased from. Look at “Behavior Reports” and click on “Top online store searches”, you will know what terms are used by customers to search for products in your store. With that information in hand, you can decide what products should be offered at a discount, what kind of customers you should target, what bundles should be made to attract more sales, and so on…

Number 3: Select Suitable Shipping Options

Are you looking for fast and flexible fulfillment options that allow you to ship many orders to many places? Consider Buy Online, Pickup In-Store, or local delivery. According to research in 2021, the shopping cart was 25% higher when shoppers were allowed to choose local pickup or delivery. This might be attributed to the fact that many shoppers like to order gifts at the very last minute, and those kinds of shipping help them receives products just within a short amount of time. 

6. Local Pickup & Local Delivery.png

If you’re more interested in traditional shipping options, check out Shopify Shipping for discounted shipping rates and the ability to set up pickup times with a specific carrier. In case your area isn’t supported by Shopify Shipping, try (1) adding calculated shipping rates to the Shopify subscription, or (2) offering free shipping on all of the products, then add the average shipping cost into the products’ price.

7. Shopify Shipping.png

What we want to achieve here is a clear shipping cost so that customers won’t abandon carts just because of unexpected shipping fees. No matter what method you’re adopting, bear that in mind for greater profit during the New Year Holidayseason!

Number 4: Turn Visitors into Shoppers

To make this goal come true, you’d better pay attention to the payment options first. We highly recommend you prioritize accelerated checkout (such as Shop Pay installments or Apple Pay) for a faster checkout experience, as customers just need to go through the checkouts without filling in their personal information (such as shipping address or payment information).

8. Accelerated Checkouts.png

You can also offer subscription services so that customers can repurchase regularly - especially with products that need to be replenished like pet food or coffee.

9. Subscription Services.png

To bring your online shop to the next level, try using gift cards! Gift cards were looked for by 41% of shoppers last year, not to mention their many enormous benefits such as being a great alternative if you’re run out of best-selling items, increasing average order value, and bringing in money for your Shopify store. 

10. Gift Cards.png

Now that you’ve known what should be done to get yourself prepared for this busiest shopping season of the year! Don’t forget to check out 3 strategies to run a profitable dropshipping business.

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