Dandelion Jewelry Store

Enhance conversion rate with new features for the gifting items

Dandelion Jewelry
Checkout Customization, Theme Customization, Store Development
July 2023 - August 2023

Client Overview

Dandelion Jewelry is a boutique store specializing in hand-crafted accessories sourced ethically from around the world. With physical locations in Ardmore, PA, Saucon Valley, PA, and Princeton, NJ, as well as a thriving online store, Dandelion offers a curated selection of jewelry from renowned designers like Chan Luu, Anne Sportun, and Ayala Bar. The store is dedicated to showcasing new artists and staying ahead of fashion trends while maintaining a strong commitment to ethical practices.

Founded in 1966 by Beth Fluke as a flower shop in Kennebunkport, Maine, Dandelion evolved into a jewelry store after moving to Philadelphia. It remains a family-owned, female-fronted business, now run by Beth’s daughters, Leslie and Lellie. The company prides itself on building lasting relationships with customers and providing a personalized shopping experience.

Dandelion's mission is to support artists, foster community, and offer ethically-sourced, high-quality jewelry. The company’s dedication to these values has created a welcoming environment where customers can find the perfect pieces for any occasion, from small tokens to significant celebrations.

Client Needs and Pain Points

Dandelion sought assistance with customizing their checkout page to include features for gifting items. They needed the option for customers to select items to gift to others and write personalized messages. Additionally, they faced challenges with unique gift card codes, requiring manual input of additional digits.

Project Challenges and Our Solutions

The primary challenge was to enhance the checkout page to accommodate gifting options and address the issue with gift card codes.

  • Our solutions include utilizing extension-only apps and customizing the checkout UI to implement the following functionalities:
  • Building custom boxes to facilitate gift selection and allowing merchants to enter "gift messages" and "recipient" details. This information will be stored in the order metafield for easy access and management.
  • Implementing messages and guidelines within the checkout UI to instruct customers on adding "00" at the end of the gift card code. This ensures a seamless checkout experience for customers with 6-digit gift card codes.

Key Achievements


Enhanced User Experience with a streamlined, intuitive navigation and optimized for fast load times.

Streamlined, intuitive navigation Optimized for fast load times


Professional and Custom Design including visually stunning, custom-designed storefronts and fully responsive for all devices


We successfully completed the Dandelion Jewelry project, enhancing their Shopify Plus checkout page with custom functionalities. Our solutions included implementing gift selection options, allowing customers to enter personalized messages and recipient details. Additionally, we integrated instructions within the checkout UI to streamline the process of adding "00" to 6-digit gift card codes. These enhancements improve user experience and facilitate smoother transactions for both customers and merchants.

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