Portfolios - 2B

Portfolios - 2B

Bella Madre Jewelry

We, as a Shopify Expert Partner, successfully developed a custom feature for Bella Madre Jewelry's made-to-order products. The requirement was to ensure customers are clearly informed of lead times for out-of-stock items that can still be ordered. We implemented a solution where, after clicking "Add to Cart," a pop-up appears displaying the lead time for these items, ensuring customers are aware before finalizing their purchase.

CC Broiders - CEO at Bella Madre Jewelry

Working with 2B I/ was a seamless experience. They quickly understood our requirements and delivered a perfect solution that enhanced our customer experience. The custom lead time pop-up has been incredibly effective, and our customers are now better informed. We highly recommend their services!"

Bijules Jewelry

Auditing the store and giving consultation for the customizations and fixing points to make the store look more professional.

Jules Kim - CEO

"2B I/O did an outstanding job helping us at Bijules Jewelry. They rearranged our store layout, customized our homepage and product pages, and set up configurations so we can easily change content through the store admin. They also integrated our domain and linked Calendly to our buttons seamlessly. Their work has significantly improved our store's functionality and appearance. Highly recommend their services!"

Canadian Red Cross

Customized the theme, and added visual elements to enhance user experience.

Canadian Red Cross

"2B I/O provided exceptional service, ensuring our store was perfectly tailored to our needs. Highly recommend!"

Parhela Store

Customized the theme and added unique visual elements to align with the brand's aesthetic.

Valerie Bungener

"The 2B I/O team brought our vision to life with their customization skills. Our store looks amazing!"


Customized the store theme and added visual elements to enhance brand representation.

Jude - Founder at Moshiup

"We are thrilled with the customization work by 2B I/O. Our store now perfectly reflects our brand."


Dandelion Jewelry

Checkout Customization Theme Customization
Dandelion is a Shopify Plus merchant specializing in exquisite jewelry and accessories. They are committed to providing a seamless shopping experience for their customers.

Doughnut Time Germany - Store Build from Scratch

Store Build from the scratch Theme Customization
Doughnut Time Germany, known for their delicious and creative doughnuts, required a full Shopify store build from scratch. Our team developed a robust online store, mirroring the successful UK website, enhancing user experience, and boosting online sales.

Expert Shopify Development for Bird-Watching Enthusiasts

App Integration Custom App Development
Our expert Shopify solutions propelled Bird Buddy to new heights, optimizing their online store for peak performance and user engagement, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

Kbspets - Build a customization feature for the cat trees

App Integration Theme Customization
Kbspets, specializes in high-quality, customizable cat trees and pet furniture. They sought to improve their website's user experience and add a custom cat tree design feature. Our team enhanced the homepage UI/UX and developed a product customization page, allowing customers to personalize cat trees with real-time previews, boosting engagement and facilitating informed purchasing decisions.

Kellective by Nikki - Gift with Purchase

Theme Customization Store Development
Kellective by Nikki, an Australian fashion retailer, needed enhanced Gift with Purchase (GWP) functionality for their Shopify store. Our customized solution improved customer engagement and satisfaction, driving higher sales and repeat business.

Leupp Watches - Build a Custom Engraving Feature

Theme Customization Custom App Development
Leupp Watches, founded by Riane Garfin, specializes in high-quality wristwatches that can be personalized with custom engravings. By implementing a reliable engraving feature and resolving existing app conflicts, we enhanced their product offerings and improved customer satisfaction, leading to increased sales and a more seamless shopping experience.

Lykon De

Store Development Theme Customization
Our collaboration on the Lykon DE Store project showcases our expertise in delivering advanced e-commerce solutions. Through strategic enhancements and technical support, we exceeded client expectations, creating a robust platform aligned with Lykon's health and wellness brand. This led to increased customer engagement and sales, solidifying Lykon's market position and setting a new e-commerce standard.

Lykon IT

Store Development Theme Customization
As part of Lykon's expansion, the brand sought to establish a strong online presence in the Italian market with a dedicated IT store.

Magento to Shopify Migration for Global Gearmaker

Migration to Shopify
A global gearmaker specializing in historical weapons and accessories from movies and games needed to migrate their e-commerce site from Magento to Shopify to enhance website performance. Our tailored migration services ensured a seamless transition, boosting their online presence and operational efficiency.

Pawsafe 1 - Implementation of Bundle Selector Widget

Theme Customization App Integration
Pawsafe, a leading provider of innovative pet safety products, required a custom bundle selector widget to enhance their product pages. Our development ensured seamless integration, dynamic pricing, and improved user experience, significantly boosting customer engagement and sales.

Regalis Foods - Custom Shopify Development and Feature Enhancement

Theme Customization Custom App Development
This project focused on developing and implementing custom features for Regalis Foods' Shopify store to optimize shipping calculations, enhance the user experience, and streamline operations. The enhancements included special shipping rules, a dedicated specials page, homepage video, and recipe pages.

Salesforce to Shopify Migration for a Leading Cosmetic Brand

Migration to Shopify
A renowned 25-year-old US-based cosmetic brand specializing in high-quality skincare and cosmetics sought to migrate from Salesforce Commerce Cloud to Shopify Plus to streamline their e-commerce operations. Our expert migration services ensured a smooth transition, enhancing their workflow and boosting online efficiency.


Custom App Development Theme Customization
This project involved developing a custom Shopify application for Avara, a boutique fashion retailer. The primary objective was to streamline their reporting processes by automating data extraction and report generation from their Shopify store.

US Client - A streaming technology company

Public App Development Maintenance Service
Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we developed a robust Shopify app for a leading streaming company, enhancing their digital sales platform and boosting user engagement.

VisionPal - A long-term partner from October 2020 to present

Store Build from the scratch Dedicated Team
VisionPal's collaboration with our team has led to a transformative e-commerce solution, enhancing their digital presence and customer engagement, and setting a new standard in the eye-care industry.

Waterhaul - Lens Comparison Pop-up

Theme Customization
Waterhaul, an eco-conscious brand specializing in sustainable eyewear made from recycled ocean plastics, sought to enhance their product pages with a custom 'More Product Information' pop-up. Our development ensured an engaging and informative shopping experience, boosting customer engagement and satisfaction.

Wellgard Store - Subscription Widget Integration

Theme Customization Custom App Development
Wellgard, a health and wellness retailer, needed a subscription service for recurring purchases. We implemented a Recharge subscription widget, improving customer convenience and boosting retention. This integration enhanced user experience and streamlined operations on the Shopify platform.

Will + Bear - Shopify Scripts to Shopify Functions

Theme Customization App Integration
Willandbear, an eco-friendly hat and accessory brand, required custom Shopify development to enhance their online store. Our expert solutions transitioned their Shopify Scripts to Functions and integrated the Bundles App, improving site functionality and user experience.