Doughnut Time Germany

Complete Shopify store build, enhancing user experience and boosting sales.

Doughnut Time Germany
Store Build from the scratch, Theme Customization, App Integration
Dec 2022

Client Overview

Doughnut Time Germany offers a variety of gourmet doughnuts, known for their unique flavors and creative designs. To establish a strong online presence, they needed a new Shopify store built from scratch, replicating the success of their UK website.

Client Needs and Pain Points

  • Build a new Shopify store from scratch.
  • Develop comprehensive features, including homepage, collection pages, product pages, cart functionality, and a quick-view pop-up.
  • Integrate essential third-party applications.
  • Ensure the UI/UX design matches the brand's theme.
  • Provide ongoing consulting and technical support.

Project Challenges and Our Solutions

  • Developing a new Shopify store that replicates the success of the UK website.
  • Creating various pages and functionalities, such as the homepage, collection pages, product pages, cart, and quick-view pop-up.
  • Integrating essential third-party applications without disrupting store functionality.
  • Adjusting the UI/UX to match the store's theme and enhance user engagement.
  • Providing ongoing support and consultation for continuous improvement.
  • We built the store from the ground up, ensuring all functionalities and design elements matched the UK site while catering to the German market.
  • Our team meticulously developed each page and feature, ensuring seamless navigation and user-friendly interfaces.
  • We successfully integrated all required applications, enhancing the store's capabilities and performance.
  • We tailored the design to reflect Doughnut Time’s branding, ensuring a visually appealing and cohesive user experience.
  • We offered expert consulting and technical support, helping Doughnut Time Germany maintain and optimize their store.

Key Achievements


Successfully built and launched a new Shopify store from scratch.


Developed comprehensive features and functionalities, enhancing user experience.


Seamlessly integrated third-party applications.


Provided ongoing consulting and technical support.

Client Testimonial

"The team did an outstanding job building our new Shopify store from scratch. Their expertise in developing and integrating features, combined with their excellent support, has significantly improved our online presence. Highly recommend their services!" - Doughnut Time Germany


The Doughnut Time Germany project involved building a new Shopify store from scratch, replicating the successful UK website. Our team developed key features, integrated essential applications, and adjusted the UI/UX design to match the brand’s theme. The project was completed within the timeline, significantly enhancing the online user experience and boosting sales.

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