Custom Cat Tree Design Feature Implementation and homepage customization

Amy M.
App Integration, Theme Customization
June 2023

Client Overview

Kbspets is a pet furniture and accessories retailer, specializing in high-quality cat trees and related products. They aim to provide unique and customizable solutions for pet owners to enhance their pets' living spaces.

Client Needs and Pain Points

Kbspets sought assistance in improving the user experience of their website's homepage and implementing a product customization feature for cat trees. They aimed to allow customers to design their own cat tree by selecting a tree model and customizing it with preferred colors and parts.

Project Challenges and Our Solutions

Developing a product customization feature that seamlessly integrates with the website and provides real-time preview results.

  • Our team implemented UI/UX adjustments on the homepage to enhance visual appeal and user engagement.
  • For the product customization page, we developed a custom feature that allows customers to select a tree model, choose colors, and customize specific parts.
  • We integrated functionality to show immediate preview results based on color selections, similar to examples provided by the client.

Key Achievements

Successfully implemented UI/UX adjustments on the homepage to improve user engagement.

Developed a custom product customization feature that allows customers to design their own cat trees.

Integrated real-time preview functionality to enhance the user experience and facilitate informed purchasing decisions.

Client Testimonial

"Working with the development team was an absolute pleasure. They transformed our vision into reality by enhancing our website's user experience and creating a custom cat tree design feature. Our customers love the ability to personalize their purchases, and the real-time preview functionality is a game-changer. This project has significantly boosted our engagement and sales. We couldn't be happier with the results!"— Amy M., Kbspets


The Kbspets project was a success, featuring UI/UX enhancements on the homepage and the implementation of a custom product customization feature. This feature allows customers to design their own cat trees by selecting models, colors, and specific parts, with real-time preview functionality. Overall, these improvements enhance user engagement and facilitate personalized purchasing experiences on the Kbspets website.

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