Kellective by Nikki

Develop a Gift With Purchase (GWP) Feature for Increasing Sales and Better Customer Engagement

Kellective By Nikki
Theme Customization, Store Development
August 2023

Client Overview

Kellective by Nikki, run by Nikki, is a boutique fashion store offering a wide range of trendy apparel and accessories. They sought to enhance their Shopify store by incorporating advanced Gift with Purchase functionality to boost customer engagement and sales.

Client Needs and Pain Points

Kellective by Nikki required to develop advanced features for their GWP functionality:

  • More Milestones: Allow for 3 purchase milestones instead of 2.
  • Gift Selection Options: Enable customers to select from multiple free gift options.
  • Customizable Bar: Greater flexibility to style the GWP bar on the cart page.
  • Visual Guidance: Provided mockups for the desired appearance of the bar and cart.

Project Challenges and Our Solutions

  • Enhanced Milestone Logic: Expanding the GWP logic to accommodate three milestones.
  • Gift Selection Flexibility: Developing a user-friendly interface for gift selection.
  • Custom Styling: Implementing a customizable bar to match the store's aesthetic.
  • Custom GWP Functionality: Built a robust system allowing for three milestones and multiple gift options.
  • User Interface Development: Created an intuitive interface for selecting free gifts.
  • Styling Capabilities: Developed a flexible styling system to align the GWP bar with Kellective by Nikki’s branding.

Key Achievements

Enhanced Customer Experience

Improved the shopping experience with advanced GWP functionality.

Increased Engagement

Higher customer engagement and satisfaction through customizable gift options.

Sales Growth

Boosted sales and customer loyalty by offering appealing GWP incentives.

Client Testimonial

"The team did an amazing job implementing the Gift with Purchase feature. The new functionality is exactly what we needed to enhance our customers' shopping experience. Their expertise and attention to detail exceeded our expectations."— Kellective by Nikki


The project for Kellective by Nikki was successfully completed, delivering an advanced GWP feature that met and exceeded client expectations. The custom functionality enhanced the user experience, drove customer engagement, and increased sales, showcasing our ability to deliver tailored e-commerce solutions.

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