Leupp Watches

Enhancing Personalization with a Custom Engraving Feature

Riane Garfin
Theme Customization, Custom App Development
August 2022

Client Overview

Leupp Watches is a luxury wristwatch retailer that allows customers to personalize their watches with engraved initials or messages. To provide a preview of the engraving, they used the Personalizer app, which caused significant errors and conflicts with other product add-ons.
Our task was to build a new, efficient solution to offer the desired engraving functionality without the associated issues.

Client Needs and Pain Points

Leupp Watches needed a solution to enable customers to personalize their wristwatches with engravings while addressing several specific requirements:

  • Two engraving options via a popup: initials or a short message.
  • Display engraving as a separate product in the cart and checkout pages.
  • Editable product photos for each watch with tag-based coordinates for engraving positions.
  • Resolve conflicts between the Personalizer app and the watch strap add-on, where choosing an add-on removed the engraving option.
  • Save engraving details (initials or messages) so the admin knows what to engrave during order processing.

Project Challenges and Our Solutions

  • Engraving Options Integration
  • Editable Product Photos
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Data Storage for Engravings
  • We developed a custom popup that allows buyers to choose between engraving initials or a short message. This choice is then added to the cart as a separate product.
  • We enabled store admins to upload different product photos for each watch and tag coordinates to specify engraving locations, ensuring accurate placement.
  • We identified and resolved the conflicts between the Personalizer app and the watch strap add-on by developing a bespoke solution that integrates smoothly with existing functionalities.
  • Implemented a system to save the engraving details in the line item properties, ensuring that the admin has all necessary information for order processing.

Key Achievements


Successfully integrated a custom engraving feature with two distinct options.


Enabled editable product photos with precise engraving placement.


Resolved app conflicts, ensuring smooth functionality of both engraving and add-on features.


Improved user experience by providing a reliable and seamless personalization process.


Client Testimonial

"Working with the development team was a game-changer for our business. They not only resolved the issues we faced with the Personalizer app but also implemented a flawless engraving feature that our customers love. The seamless integration and enhanced functionality have significantly improved our sales and customer satisfaction." - Riane Garfin, Leupp Watches


The Leupp Watches project was a resounding success. We delivered a custom engraving feature that met all the client’s requirements, resolved existing app conflicts, and improved the overall user experience. These enhancements have allowed Leupp Watches to offer a unique, personalized product that delights customers and drives business growth.

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