Lykon DE Store

Custom E-Commerce Solutions for Enhanced User Experience

Lykon De
Store Development, Theme Customization, Checkout Customization
Nov 2021 - Mar 2023

Client Overview

Lykon is a pioneering Shopify Plus merchant in the health and wellness industry, dedicated to delivering exceptional health and wellness products. They focus on innovation and customer satisfaction to maintain their leadership in the e-commerce market.

Client Needs and Pain Points

Lykon aimed to enhance their online presence and streamline the shopping experience. Their existing system was not fully capable of providing a personalized and efficient user journey, which led to potential sales losses. They required a solution that could handle high transaction volumes and offer a customized experience to their health-conscious customers.

Project Challenges and Our Solutions

Our team was tasked with improving the Lykon DE Store's functionality and user experience without compromising performance. Our comprehensive solution included:

  • Customizing Recharge's widgets to provide a seamless subscription management system.
  • Revamping the Cart page to improve usability and aesthetics.
  • Integrating an Anchor module with perks on the Product Detail Pages to incentivize purchases.
  • Displaying perks in the Cart and Checkout to highlight the value proposition.
  • Improving shop hero image formatting for greater visual impact.
  • Rebranding with a 'Learn More' Pages Template to reflect Lykon's evolving brand identity.
  • Providing ongoing consulting and technical support to ensure continuous improvement.

Key Achievements


Uplifted Conversion Rates

Post-rebranding efforts led to a notable increase in conversion rates


Increased Order value

Introduced exclusive perks the average order value and reinforced customer layalty


Reduced Cart Abandonment

Improved the Cart page interface, lading to a lower cart abandonment rate


Enhanced Customer Rêtntion

Implemented a customized subscription model that signficantly increased customer retention


The collaboration with Lykon on the Lykon DE Store project stands as a testament to our expertise in delivering sophisticated e-commerce solutions. Through our strategic enhancements and technical support, we have not only met but exceeded client expectations, fostering a robust online platform that resonates with the brand's commitment to health and wellness. Our efforts have culminated in a significant uplift in customer engagement and sales, solidifying Lykon's position in the market and setting a new benchmark for e-commerce excellence.

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