Implementation of Bundle Selector Widget

Custom bundle selector widget for dynamic pricing and improved UX.

Oct 2022
Theme Customization, App Integration

Client Overview

Pawsafe specializes in high-quality pet safety products, aiming to offer comprehensive solutions for pet owners. To enhance their product offerings, Pawsafe needed a bundle selector widget that would allow customers to easily select and purchase product bundles, either on a subscription basis or as one-off purchases.

Client Needs and Pain Points

Pawsafe sought a solution to implement a bundle selector widget on their product pages. The widget needed to:

  • Automatically update based on the buyer's selection.
  • Provide dynamic pricing and discounts.
  • Display savings calculations in real-time.

Project Challenges and Our Solutions

Project's challenges:

  • Dynamic Bundle Updates: Ensuring the widget dynamically updates with the correct product information and pricing based on customer selections.
  • Dynamic Pricing and Discounts: Calculating and displaying dynamic pricing, discounts, and savings accurately.
  • User Experience and Integration: Integrating the widget into the existing Shopify theme without disrupting the user experience.
  • We developed a robust widget that seamlessly integrates with the product page, automatically updating product details and pricing in real-time as customers make their selections.
  • Our team implemented advanced algorithms within the widget to handle complex pricing structures and discount calculations, ensuring accurate and transparent pricing for customers.
  • We carefully designed the widget to fit seamlessly into Pawsafe’s existing theme, enhancing the overall user experience while maintaining the site’s aesthetic and functionality.

Key Achievements


Successfully implemented a custom bundle selector widget that updates dynamically based on user selections.


Enhanced user experience with real-time pricing and discount calculations.


Increased customer engagement and sales through the new bundling option.

Client Testimonial

"The team did an incredible job implementing the bundle selector widget. It has drastically improved our customers' shopping experience and boosted our sales. The dynamic pricing and real-time updates are game-changers. We highly recommend their services!" - Pawsafe


The Pawsafe project successfully integrated a custom bundle selector widget into their Shopify store. This enhancement provided dynamic pricing, discounts, and real-time savings calculations, significantly improving the user experience and increasing customer engagement and sales. The seamless integration and advanced functionalities set a new standard for Pawsafe’s product offerings.

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