Regalis Foods

Custom Shopify Store Development and Feature Enhancement

Regalis Foods
Theme Customization, Custom App Development
Oct 2021 - Now

Client Overview

Regalis Foods is a premium food retailer specializing in a range of products, including perishable items, non-perishable items, and exclusive specialty products. Moreover, Regalis Foods works with 90% of the Michelin-starred restaurant community in the United States. Ian Purkayastha, representing Regalis Foods, worked with us to optimize their online store’s functionality and user experience.

Client Needs and Pain Points

Regalis Foods faced several operational challenges:

  • Orders containing at least one special product (regardless of other items) should qualify for free shipping.
  • Proper implementation of the special product tagging system.
  • Enhancing site features to promote special offers and provide engaging content.
    Additional Features:
  • Displaying "Shipping Specials" products on a dedicated page.
  • Adding a promotional video to the homepage.
  • Creating pages dedicated to recipes.

Project Challenges and Our Solutions

Integrating complex shipping logic based on product type and tags.
Ensuring the tagging system was consistently applied and functional.
Adding new features without disrupting the existing site functionality.

  • Using code script to give the ability to get free shipping if customers order any 1 of 2, or both special products on the site, regardless of what else they add to their cart
  • Tagging System Implementation: Implemented and tested the "freeshippingspecial" tag to automatically apply free shipping when applicable.
  • Making a free shipping banner on the home page
  • Making recommendations on the mini cart page (cart popup)
  • Adding Homepage Video & Redesigning the Recipe Pages
  • Consulting and technical support

Key Achievements

Operational Efficiency

Simplified shipping calculations, reducing errors and improving order processing time.

Enhanced User Experience

The new features provided a richer, more engaging online shopping experience.

Increased Sales Potential

Free shipping on special items incentivized purchases, potentially boosting sales of high-margin specialty products.

Client Testimonial

The development team did an outstanding job transforming our Shopify store. The automated shipping rules and new features have significantly improved our operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Their expertise and dedication were evident throughout the project.

Ian Purkayastha, Regalis Foods


The Shopify store development project for Regalis Foods was successfully completed within the scheduled timeline. The implemented solutions addressed the client's needs effectively, enhancing both the operational functionality and the overall user experience of the store. This project highlights our commitment to delivering tailored, high-quality solutions that meet our clients' unique requirements.

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