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December 2022 - Now

Client Overview

Avara handpicks chic and unique clothing and accessories, curating a line of high-quality pieces that are fun, attainable, and easy to wear. Whether you are shopping online or in the Dallas store, Avara's goal is to be your go-to brand for compliment-worthy clothing that allows you to confidently celebrate life's meaningful moments!

Client Needs and Pain Points

Avara required a solution to address the following challenges:

  • Manual data extraction from Shopify was time-consuming and prone to errors.
  • Generating weekly reports involved repetitive tasks that diverted focus from core business activities.
  • A need for an automated, reliable system to produce and deliver reports with key data elements.

Project Challenges and Our Solutions

Building a custom app seamlessly with Avara’s existing Shopify store.
Ensuring the automated reports included all necessary data elements and were error-free.
Scheduling the reports to be generated and sent without manual intervention.

  • Custom App Development: We built a custom Shopify app tailored to Avara’s specific requirements. This app automated the process of creating reports based on the data elements shared in the Weekly Dump Master file.
  • Data Automation: The app was designed to pull the required data directly from Shopify, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. This eliminated the need for manual data extraction.
  • Report Scheduling and Delivery: The app allowed for ad-hoc report generation as well as scheduled reports, which could be emailed directly to the admin. This feature ensured timely delivery of critical business insights.

Key Achievements

Increased Efficiency

Automated reporting saved significant time and reduced manual workload for the Avara team.

Enhanced Accuracy

Eliminating manual data entry minimized errors and improved data reliability.

Timely Insights

Scheduled reports ensured that Avara received essential business insights on a regular basis, aiding in informed decision-making.

Client Testimonial

"They handle frontend and backend problems with ease. They manage to take over complex tasks and deliver results before deadlines. Our one-time cooperation turned into a longer-term outsourced development team for Shopify."

Kara LaFrancis - VP of Merchandising, Avara


The Shopify store development project for Avara was completed successfully within the designated timeline. The custom app not only met but exceeded the client's expectations, providing a robust solution to their reporting challenges. The automated system has enhanced Avara’s operational efficiency, allowing them to focus more on their core business activities. This project stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering tailored, high-quality solutions to our clients.

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