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US Client
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Public App Development, Maintenance Service
Sep 2022 - Jan 2023

Client Overview

Client is a Boston, Massachusetts–based software company that produces an online video platform. They offer a scalable, reliable, and secure streaming platform that allows organizations to host, share, and stream video content.


Client Needs and Pain Points

The client required a public Shopify app that integrates seamlessly with their streaming services, providing Shopify merchants with tools for video and live stream management.

Phase 1 & 2 Details:

  • Developed and refined features such as video upload/delete, embed codes, video list view, and video analytics.
  • Introduced interactive live streaming features, including live chat and live order during streams, in Version 2 of the app.

Project Challenges and Our Solutions

Project Challenges:

  • Integrating with the client's platform and APIs, requires extensive documentation and testing
  • Ensuring compatibility and performance across devices, browsers, and Shopify themes, involving rigorous testing and debugging
  • Complying with Shopify app requirements and guidelines, necessitating careful review and revision
  • Managing communication and collaboration across different time zones

Our Solutions:

  • Collaborating with the client's team and utilizing their support resources
  • Utilizing testing tools like BrowserStack, Lighthouse, and Shopify Theme Inspector
  • Adhering to Shopify app best practices, including Shopify App CLI, App Bridge, and Polaris
  • Using daily calls, emails, and instant messages for communication
  • Embracing flexibility and understanding of working hours and preferences
  • Using management tools like calendars, Jira, and time trackers to monitor progress

Key Achievements


Launched Video Management App for Shopify

Successfully launched a public app with comprehensive video management features for Shopify stores.


Enhanced Product Pages with Video Content and Analytics

Enabled merchants to enrich their product detail pages (PDP) with video content and analytics.

Client Testimonial

2B's creation of our public app has been a pivotal move for Shopify video integration. Their innovative suite of video tools has enabled Shopify merchants to harness video for better engagement and conversions, establishing a benchmark in Ecommerce.


A Partnership for the Future: This project has not only delivered a robust app but also forged a partnership that will continue to innovate and lead the industry. The success of this app is a beacon for future collaborations and a showcase of our client's industry-leading streaming services.

Looking Ahead: As we hand over this revolutionary tool, we are confident that it will empower Shopify merchants to leverage video content in unprecedented ways, driving sales and enhancing user engagement. We eagerly anticipate the continued success and evolution of this app as it becomes an integral part of our client's service offering.

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