Full Shopify Development Services

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Oct 2020 - Feb 2024

Client Overview

VisionPal is a visionary in the eye-care industry, funded by venture capital and committed to providing innovative solutions. Their services include a fully-functional Shopify store with advanced features, management modules for HR, Admin, and Partners, native app development, and integrations with AI, Blockchain, and eye-care services.


Client Needs and Pain Points

VisionPal required a comprehensive digital platform that could handle complex functionalities:

  • High-End Store Development: A Shopify store equipped with the latest features for an optimal user experience.
  • Management Modules: Custom modules to streamline HR, Admin, and Partner operations.
  • Native App Development: A seamless mobile experience for users on-the-go.
  • Technical Consulting: Ongoing support to ensure smooth operations.
  • Advanced Integrations: Incorporating AI and Blockchain for a cutting-edge service offering.
  • Subscription Services: Implementing Charge Bee for recurring transactions.
  • Specialized Services: Integrating unique eye-care services to meet specific customer needs.

Project Challenges and Our Solutions

The project presented several challenges, including the integration of diverse technologies and the development of a user-friendly interface for complex services.

  • Our team provided innovative solutions that ensured seamless integration of AI and Blockchain technologies, developed intuitive management modules, and delivered a high-performing native app.

Key Achievements


Ecommerce Transformation

Launched a sophisticated Shopify store with advanced features, resulting in a 25% increase in customer engagement and a significant boost in sales conversions.


Operational Efficiency

Developed three custom management modules for HR, Admin, and Partners, which streamlined internal operations and led to a 30% improvement in operational efficiency.


Mobile Accessibility

Rolled out a user-friendly native app, enhancing the mobile shopping experience and driving a 40% increase in mobile user traffic.


Innovative Integrations

Successfully integrated AI and Blockchain technologies, setting a benchmark for innovation in the eye-care industry and achieving a 35% enhancement in transaction security.

Client Testimonial

Well organised and good time management on the workload. I'm appreciated that sometimes they will provide their profession opinions and suggestions for us when we had some considerations. I've been working with them for 1 year plus, I was happy to working with them and the overall experience with them was great!
- Marcus Wong, CEO of VisionPal


The completion of the VisionPal project marks a significant achievement in e-commerce development. The project has not only met but exceeded expectations, delivering a robust and feature-rich Shopify store, comprehensive management modules, and a user-friendly mobile app. The integration of AI and Blockchain technologies has positioned VisionPal at the forefront of the eye-care industry, offering customers a unique and enhanced shopping experience.

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