Implementation of Product Information Pop-up

Waterhaul UK
Theme Customization
February 2023

Client Overview

Waterhaul is dedicated to creating high-quality, sustainable eyewear using recycled ocean plastics. Their commitment to sustainability and transparency requires clear and accessible product information. Waterhaul needed a custom solution to display detailed product information effectively on their Shopify store.

Client Needs and Pain Points

Waterhaul required a 'More Product Information' pop-up, accessible from each product page. They needed a way to display specific information for each product variant, as shown in their mockup. The pop-up had to be informative and user-friendly, providing detailed explanations and comparisons.

Project Challenges and Our Solutions

  • Developing a detailed product information form that clearly explains the specifications and benefits of different lens types and other product details.
  • Implementing an image comparison tool that allows customers to easily compare different product variants visually.
  • Ensuring accurate and consistent information display by setting up demo products and creating appropriate metafields.
  • Ensuring the 'More Product Information' button is easily accessible without disrupting the product page layout.
  • We created a comprehensive product form on the left side of the pop-up, which included all necessary information about the lenses and other product features.
  • We added an image comparison feature on the right side of the pop-up, enabling customers to see side-by-side comparisons of different product variants as outlined in the mock-up.
  • We developed demo products and established metafields, along with a detailed guideline for data input, to maintain uniformity and accuracy in product information.
  • We linked blog posts to images and text within the pop-up, offering customers deeper insights and engaging content related to the products.
  • We strategically placed the button under the product description, making it convenient for customers to access the additional information without cluttering the page.

Key Achievements


Successfully implemented a custom product information pop-up, enhancing the user experience.


Improved customer engagement by providing detailed, variant-specific information.


Integrated image comparison and blog links for a richer, more informative shopping experience.

Client Testimonial

Working with this team was a seamless experience. They understood our need for detailed product information and delivered a fantastic pop-up feature that our customers love. The enhanced functionality has greatly improved our online shopping experience. Highly recommend their services!" - Waterhaul


The Waterhaul project was a success, featuring the development and integration of a custom product information pop-up. This enhancement allowed Waterhaul to provide detailed, variant-specific information, improving customer engagement and satisfaction. The new feature seamlessly integrated into their Shopify store, aligning with their brand's commitment to transparency and sustainability.

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