Will+Bear Store

Efficient transition of Shopify Scripts to Functions and Bundles App integration.

26th Oct 2023 - 1st Nov 2023
Theme Customization, App Integration

Client Overview

Willandbear is committed to sustainability, offering a range of eco-friendly hats and accessories. To enhance their Shopify Plus store, Willandbear sought expert assistance in transitioning existing Shopify Scripts to Functions and integrating the Bundles App.

Client Needs and Pain Points

Willandbear needed to:

  • Transfer existing Shopify Scripts to Functions to ensure compatibility with the Bundles App.
  • Implement the Bundles App for better product bundling and discount management.
  • Ensure a smooth transition without disrupting their store’s functionality.

Project Challenges and Our Solutions

The primary challenge was migrating existing Shopify Scripts to Functions while

  • Ensuring the seamless transition of all existing scripts to functions while maintaining store functionality.
  • Integrating the Bundles App smoothly into the existing store setup.
  • Ensuring the client could make modifications without an app interface.
  • We meticulously transferred all scripts to Shopify Functions, ensuring compatibility and functionality.
  • We built the app base and implemented the out-of-the-box discount app from GitHub. The source code was deployed and handed over to Willandbear for further modifications if needed.
  • Provided the source code and detailed guidance for direct code edits, allowing Willandbear to maintain flexibility without an interface.

Key Achievements


Successfully migrated existing Shopify Scripts to Functions.


Seamlessly integrated the Bundles App, enhancing product bundling and discount management.


Delivered the project within the specified timeline, maintaining site functionality and improving user experience.


The Willandbear project involved transitioning existing Shopify Scripts to Functions and integrating the Bundles App. Our expert solutions ensured a seamless transition and enhanced functionality, improving the overall user experience. The project was completed within the timeline, setting a new standard for Willandbear’s online store performance.

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